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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hidden beauty in Western New York

Looking for a something to do this summer?
Check this out ~

In the small town of East Otto nestled in the ski resort hills of Western New York lies a vast treasure trove of beauty. Griff's Sculpture Park, a 400 acre park that holds the honor of being America’s largest sculpture park.

We hiked that day through the trails that lead into the woods, open fields, rolling hills and ponds as we gazed upon 250 amazing, incredible and some absolutely massive pieces of art work. We were awestruck at every turn.

Each sculpture was placed in the park to coexist with nature. These works of art were breathtaking and the views of the countryside, spectacular!

My granddaughter had to climb on and inside everyone of them that she could. That's her sitting on the mushrooms & getting her butt kicked by the end of the hike:)

My favorite, were the 7 women around the pond. Each posing elegantly in and around the water. Absolute Beauty there! It was a day I remember with a smile.

If you find yourself in the area, pack up a picnic and make it a point to visit this astounding park of the arts.

Have a Wonderful Summer Everyone :)

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