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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Lotus experiment.........continued

Part one -

Here's an update on my experiment over the summer, growing a lotus from a seed.
I had placed the 8 lotus sprouts in pots in different places, 5 went in my pond and two on my deck in a tub.
Well it turns out, the ones placed in the pond had a ever so slight trickle of water near them from a nearby water fall and in less than a week, the 5 baby lotus plants here did not survive :(
They definitely must be placed in STILL water.
Out of the two plants I placed in the tub on my deck, one perished ? and one flourished!

Here it is in late August ~

It even had a resident frog all summer long :)

The plant that survived ended up with 12 floating leaves and 5 standing leaves.
They were a Gorgeous blue/green. Such a cool leaf, totally waterproof, any droplet of water on them would just roll right off.

.... Late October now.... getting frost here in New York, so I needed to decide weather to bring it into the basement or place in the bog that was ready. After much research, others have been successful leaving them out in my zone, so I decided I would be planting it right in the bog.
We lifted the pot out and to my surprise there were shoots of roots up to 15 inches long that found their way out of the 4 holes in the bottom of the pot. The plant was totally root bound. Now I see how they can become evasive in a pond.

I decided to cut the pot as to try not to disturb the plant in any way.
(My husband so nicely did this part for me).

The bog I created is 18 inches deep filled with a mixture of soil and peat moss. I left 3 inches of room on the top for water to sit. It took the two of us to plant it with our arms totally immersed in mud. Had a lot of fun with it!

My finished Bog ~

So far so good. It loves it there!
Even in these cold temps down to 40 degrees, new shoots were emerging in the last two weeks. Fingers crossed.

I am counting the days till spring :)
to be continued.........................................


  1. The bog garden is amazing. I wish I had made mine bigger. I hope your lotus survives the winter. I've got a water lily living in a tub in the backyard that I need to drop into one of my little ponds so it won't freeze. I can't wait to see your bog next year!

  2. Thank you Julie! It was a fun project! Thanks for the wonderful idea! It kept me busy all summer :)
    I too hope it survives. I added some insulation over the bog yesterday to hopefully keep it a bit warmer.
    & Thank you also for the money plant seeds, if you look in the last picture you can see them in the left hand corner doing wonderfully and will be a Beautiful backdrop for the bog.