~ "The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration." ~ Claude Monet ~

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Madison's Magical Fairy Garden ~

It all began when I placed a teeny tiny door I made, with a teeny tiny stone walkway leading up to it in my Granddaughter, Madison's outdoor fairy garden.

A garden I gave her to call her own. Where she could sit and play, plant flowers, read stories, decorate with her own garden art and let her imagination run wild.

Well, Madison was certain that fairies were afoot inside that teeny tiny door. Knocking at it every time she came for a visit, asking the fairies to please come out and play. Leaving letters, drawings and gifts for them, as they also returned the favor.
She was always So sad when winter came and the snow covered her garden.
So this year for her Birthday I surprised her with her very own indoor Fairy garden.
A space for her to visit the fairies in the cold winter months.

I placed tiny lanterns at the front to welcome you into the garden. A real pebble path that leads in and around. Tiny wind chimes and flowers all about hidden along the paths in the moss, all made from upcycled earrings.

A moss covered table and chair set, along with a cozy bench from real tree branches and bark, to sit and read or have some tea.

I used artificial ferns, flowers, rolling moss mounds and a leaf circle in the center to bring the garden to life.
And my favorite, a magical gazing ball created using an old lamp finial with a clear marble.

Get your children outdoors or inside to enjoy and appreciate natures' beauty ~
Help them to create their own special space to experiment with plants and garden art.
Keeping their idle hands busy tending and adding to it.
Bringing them hours of enjoyment and accomplishment.

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