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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Celebration of Summers End

It all began when I placed a teeny tiny door I made, with a teeny tiny stone walkway leading up to it in my Granddaughter, Madison's fairy garden. A garden I gave her to call her own. Where she could sit and play, plant flowers, read stories, decorate with her own garden art and let her imagination run wild.

Well, Madison was certain that fairies were afoot inside that teeny tiny door. Knocking at it every time she came for a visit, asking the fairies to please come out and play. Leaving letters, drawings and gifts for them, as they also returned the favor :) I told her, "They can't come out just yet. They were very busy preparing for the fairy festival". "Fairy Festival? What's that?" she asked. I explained the fun that was to be had with the fairies at the end of summer. So each time she came to visit me, I kept her idle hands busy, as we planned and crafted decorations and games to play for Our Celebration of Summer End, Our Fairy Festival.

We had such a Beautiful sunny day for the affair. I decorated the trees with ribbons as they waved in the breeze and decorated her fairy garden with tulle and a jeweled wind chime tree. I placed flower cards inside the draped tulle, each with a special game for us to play.

We all put on our fairy wings and journeyed into the garden. Oh the fun we had! We played games, won prizes, sang songs, played music, went on a fairy treasure hunt, had a sidewalk chalk contest, read "Flower Fairies Stories from the Garden" by Cicely Mary Barker and ended it with a grand tea party.

We were served teeny tiny sandwiches, scrumptious cakes, jelly rolls, brownies, fruits and loganberry tea, all courtesy of "Those busy little fairies that live at Grandmama's house in Madison's Fairy Garden" :)

Glass Art Inspired by Nature
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  1. I love your post! What fun. Inspiring creativity. Wonderful!

    I let my grandson create with me. We make and play things that others just shake their head at.

    I really enjoyed this today!

    I am following you.

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    Have a great day and I hope the Fairies always live in Madison's garden!

  2. Aww! I can't wait for my daughter to grow up! I'm anxious to help expand her imagination with all the "girl" stuff! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I love fairy tales. What a feast.

  4. Thats one amazing garden you have! I loved to use that year round...Have fun this solstice!