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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Celebration of Autumn ~ Giveaway ~

~ Congratulations Melissa/Brandon! ~
~ the Winner of my Moon Ornament ~
Simply Beautiful comments everyone for such a wonderful season!
Thank you for stopping by! I love reading them ALL!
In celebration of Autumn and the glorious arrival of my favorites, The Harvest and Hunters' Moons,
I will be giving away this
Iridescent Glass Moon Ornament.

All you need to do is simply:
Post a comment here about your favorite part of fall.
& Please leave me an email or your Etsy shop to make sure I have a way to contact you if chosen.

One entry per person please.
Open to everyone worldwide.
First Class Shipping included.
The Winner will be chosen at random on November 1
and will be contacted and
announced here on my blog.

If you have some time
please stop by my shop for a visit.
Thank you!

Good Luck to all and enjoy this wonderful season!
Julie ~


  1. Beautiful ornament!
    My favorite part of fall is always the leaves. Every single year I marvel at the rich, bold colors. I love going for walks and collecting different leaves to press and use in my art and crafts. I just have this need to preserve the beauty of nature.


  2. My favorite part of fall is the colors! Unfortunately we had a really warm Sept. and at the end of the month we had frost, so the leaves went from green to on the ground without changing color. It was quite disappointing.
    You have a beautiful shop!

    audreyscountrycrafts at gmail.com

  3. My favorite part of Fall is going apple picking. We do it every year and it's just so fun..plus I get to do lots of baking.


  4. My favourite part of fall is the fact that I'll be getting together with my family more, especially for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The sweets, the amazing food and the good times!

    Thanks so much for doing this:)!


  5. My favorite part is right now - everything is still quite colorful, all the works in the garden is done and it's time to knit or crochet :)

  6. My favorite part of fall is the few days when it's cool outside, but not too cold that you need a jacket. We have one of those days today and it's wonderful!

    hrfarley at gmail dot com

  7. My favorite part about the fall is the foliage--in fact that's the only part about autumn that I like. We're having a lovely foliage season here in Maine, with lots of red this year. But later I will have to rake them all up, and I will HATE autumn then :)
    Thanks for the chance at your giveaway! Your work is beautiful, I especially like the piece with the birds hanging from it.

  8. That's beautiful, my favorite part of the fall is watching the leaves change color.

  9. Normally it would be the amazing scent of the rd and gold maple leaves, but right now I am hungry, so it is pumpkin pie. :)

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  10. Apple picking with my kids. So fun and then we get to bake afterwards!

  11. My favourite part of fall are the leaves- my family and I like collecting particularly colourful and large leaves, and we keep them in books. It's a fun family tradition...though trick or treating is second favourite :)

    aestraea [at] gmail.com

  12. My favorite thing about Fall is the Bonfires!! Marshmallows or not,i love the sight,sound and feel ;)

  13. I love fall colors, so many changes!
    Regards from Barcelona


  14. what i love about fall are all the gorgeous colors you see around you!i really like the nice warm, glorious colors of fall!:)


  15. My favorite part of Fall is Halloween. I love seeing all the scary decorations, costumes and excited kiddos running for their next piece of candy. It's just so much fun! :)


    my etsy: hellcatvintage.etsy.com

  16. I love the scent of fall..the combination of apples, burning wood, and leaves.

    ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com
    The Happy Wife
    Homeschool Unit Studies

  17. The ornament is beautiful!
    My favourite part of fall is walking on dry leaves...the sound...the colours. It's my favourite time of the year.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  18. The smell of fall in the air. Can't replicate it! Woodsy, smokey, chilly... yum.

    Thanks for the chance!

    makinglemonadeblog at gmail dot com

  19. My favorite part of fall is breaking out our long sleeved shirts, scarves, beanies - we live in Florida so we only get a good 2-3 months of cooler weather, so I milk it for all it's worth. Oh, and hot cocoa, lots o fit. :)

  20. My favorite part about fall is the leaves! I live in a valley surrounded by trees and I love to see all the different colors!

  21. Autumn is my favorite season. The cool crisp weather with the sun hanging low in the sky. I love lighting a fire on the fireplace-the smell of wood burning and the warm glow it gives off. The leaves changing color suddenly and letting go of the branches to carpet the ground in shades of gold. It is a season filled with wonderful sights and smells and seems to be over all too quickly.


  22. I love all the outdoor festivals and hot apple cider.


  23. My favourite part of fall is the scene of falling leaves. It's quite pretty and romantic.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  24. i love the whole atmosphere of fall. the crisp air, the smell of earth, abundance of colour, the hot mulled cider and cuddling up by a fire.

    beautiful ornament!

  25. BEAUTIFUL comments everyone for such a wonderful season, Thank you for stopping by! I love reading them ALL!
    This morning the gorgeouse fall colors are covered in white!!! The trees do not like this and neither do I :)
    Good luck to all!

  26. my favorite part of fall is the scents, I love the smells of a fresh baked pumpkin pie,or my fall spice cupcakes.Whenever I smell these I have a big smile on my face.and the other reason I adore the fall is because of Halloween ,I get to dress up and have a blast with my boyfriend and family.


  27. What I love most about fall is going to Starbucks with my best friend to get our first pumpkin spice latte of the season, then taking a walk to look at all the beautiful leaves and enjoying the fall sunshine- it's so unique and different from summer's sun, don't you think? :)

  28. What a pretty ornament! My favorite part of fall is mums. I love them! And the prospect of not having to mow the lawn for a few months:)

  29. I visited your lovely shop and I fell in love with The Gathering, Window or Wall Sculpture, Stained Glass...

    I love Autumn... leaves falling the sound when you walk above them and its lovely colours!!!

    thanks for the chance!
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  30. Ooooo I'd love to win. Its so pretty!
    My favorite part of fall would have to be the changing of leafs. So many pretty colors! Also apple cider :P


  31. How pretty is this! My fav part of Fall is raking leaves and the trees turning beautiful colors! Thanks! jacquecurl1@gmail.com

  32. I love the weather, eating out on the deck with a fire in the fire pit, carving pumpkins, going trick or treating in the neighborhood. Red leaves. The harvest moon. And your moon ornament is quite lovely too.


  33. Oops! my email is anmabar@gmail.com

  34. The spectacular colors of the leaves. The sound of the wind blowing through them and turning the a/c off! :-)



  35. the changing leaves and the smells of fall are my faves. the smell of pumpkin and spiced cider.

  36. My favorite part of fall is cooking. My mom, my kids and I cook all sorts of things in the fall, and it is always such a nice bonding time.
    Daily Paint Journal

  37. I have been a fan of your shop for a while now. I love your style and artistry!

    The best part of fall is the color change. Luckily, in Michigan, we get to enjoy it for quiet some time. Apple cider is a nice bonus as well :)

  38. Fall would have to be the nice cool weather after all that summer heat. Also, the leaves. I grew up in the country in a valley and it was always like the valley was just lit on fire...It was awesome to rake up the leaves and sleep in them for hours.

    I can be reached at atlantisak.etsy.com :)

  39. I love Autumn because it always bring back wonderful childhood memories of going on adventures in the forest to find fall leaves and acorn and other finds to make fall centerpieces. It is a time of year when I settle in to prepare for the winter and begin thinking of different ides for the Holidays. This is a time for Family Reflections, Hope, Caring, Giving and Love. A time to remember to Thanks God for all his Glory as he gives us these beautiful Seasons.
    I can be reached at http://www.nanasarah.etsy.com

  40. Autumn = nature's beautiful colours, stunning skies, stormy seas and being cozy in front of the fire! :0)

    You're shop is a long time favourite, I'd be 'over the moon' to win... groan!!! :0)

  41. I also love fall with all its beautiful colors plus it's also my anniversary and 2 of my children's birthdays, so we have some wonderful family get-to-gathers!

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  42. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL comments for Autumn!!
    I just love reading them all!!
    Thank you for stopping by :)

    Good luck to all!!

    The Winner will be chosen at random on November 1
    and will be contacted and announced here on my blog.

  43. The best part of autumn is the gorgeous changing of the leaves and the weather that lets you slip out of the house wearing a light jacket and you can still enjoy scenic rides with the car window down.

    Email: yona(at)pricelesswriters.com

  44. my favorite part of fall is the change in the weather- love the cool nights and mornings and warm days. Love the leaves changing and falling


  45. my faveourite part of fall is the leaves, the changing colours make me so alive!


  46. fave bit of autumn is the planning of Halloween where things can get wild! i look forward to it.